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New visual identity

Visual artist Mazé Andrade presented her new visual identity this year, created by business consultant Marisa Melo, founding partner of Up Time Art Gallery.

Below, text published by Marisa.

When developing the visual identity for Mazé, the inspiration came from an understanding of the artist's essence, and her artistic career marked by versatility and diversity of themes.

The Concept: The choice of a woman as the central element of the logo was intentional. The woman not only represents Mazé Andrade herself, but also symbolizes the intrinsic nature of her work. Mazé often incorporates feminine imagery into her creations, establishing a connection between the artist and her artistic expression.

The Amazonian Foliage: The presence of Amazonian foliage reflects the artist's deep connection with nature. The lush green represents not only the exuberance of the forest, but also the earth, life and vital energy that permeate his work.

The presence of the Rosette serves as an invitation to deeper interpretation. This ancient element acts as a metaphor, symbolizing the ascension to the light and the sacred within. In a subtle way, it establishes connections between all elements, representing self-discovery.

The Colors - Beige and Green: The careful choice of beige and green colors in the identity carries deep meanings. Green, in addition to representing nature, symbolizes renewal, harmony and vitality. Beige, in turn, evokes earth, solidity and simplicity. Together, these colors create a palette that resonates with the artist's essence.

Mazé's visual identity is more than a symbol. It is a narrative that captures the artist’s diversity, spirituality and journey. Woman, nature and rose window converge to create a design that goes beyond aesthetics, representing the authentic internal labyrinth explored by Mazé Andrade in his art. We celebrate not only a new identity, but a testimony to the constant growth and artistic evolution of Mazé Andrade.”

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