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Sculpture participates in exhibitions and receives honorable mention

With the ceramic sculpture “Cara de Ovo”, Mazé Andrade received, in 2023, an honorable mention from the Casa de Portinari Museum, after participating in an exhibition that was part of the 48th Portinari Week, in Brodowsky, São Paulo. In December, the work went to the group show “Resistência da Arte – A flor born in the crack in the asphalt”, at the Pinacoteca Fórum das Artes, in Botucatú-SP. The exhibition, held by the Artists Club, will run until March 31, 2024.

For Mazé, the egg she shaped not only symbolizes the genesis within her. Life expands to the shell, showing its face. Can we talk to her? And what would we ask? Would “Egg Face” be a kind of oracle to answer us about the principle of life? These are questions that permeate the artist's mind. “Like a priestess, this feminine face also takes us away from useless discussions to make us reflect on what really matters: where will we be in 100 years?”, he exemplifies. The work was inspired by Sérgio Bustamante, an artist who created a fantastic image world, printing faces on various objects.

Below, text by curator Adriana Scartaris:

«Decipher me and I `Ponder You´: The Legacy Oracle»

Mazé Andrade, through his work “Cara de Ovo”, presents the possibility of a created world in which the egg becomes the epicenter of life, not just a receptacle, but an oracle that invites us to introspection. Like a contemporary priestess, the sculpture reveals a feminine face, green eyes that observe, mouth delicately closed, imbued with the subtle doubt of an observer of time; The genetic symbolism of clay, the raw material for sculpture, is skillfully explored by the experienced sculptor. The work is born from the soil, the germ that demands care and molding until it reaches completion. The female face of the sculpture, with her discerning green eyes, adopts the role of mediator between materiality and the ephemeral. The closed mouth, adorned with red lipstick, suggests the containment of secrets, inviting us to question whether the work holds the answers to our questions about the essence of life and the meaning of our existence. Mazé Andrade converts the egg into a multifaceted symbol, a contemporary sphinx that invites us to decipher the enigmas of existence and ponder the legacy of our choices.

Dados técnicos:

Title: “Egg Face”

Artist: Mazé Andrade

Technique: Glazed ceramic (fired up to 1250 degrees)

Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm and 22 cm high

Year: 2022/2023

Weight: 1.5kg

Only seven unique copies

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