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From gross to beautiful

The raw materials in Mazé Andrade’s sculptures.

In any work, human beings act on the elements of nature, transforming them. The artist goes further: he gives a different look, sublimating the clay, or paints, by constructing, from them, a beautiful work, expressing his surroundings in a poetic way. With 40 years dedicated to art, Mazé has worked with various elements: oil paint, pen and ink, wood, among others. In recent years, it has chosen clay as its raw material. "It seems that there is an exchange of energy, so that I feel extremely good in this activity", he says.

It all starts with clay, upon which she molds her inspiration. Afterwards, the work is covered in plaster or silicone and allowed to dry so that a shape is produced. Currently, liquid clay is also being used. Finally, the form is filled with either concrete, resin, marble powder or plastic mass. The choice depends on the result you want to achieve. "I reflect on which material best suits the piece", he explains.

But the production process does not end there. Once out of shape, finishing is necessary. The work is sanded and painted. If concrete is used, it can be waxed instead of painted. "Wax or even bianco can be applied, which gives the piece more shine", he explains. The other materials are painted. The entire process requires more than a month of dedication.

Of these raw materials, the artist says that she does not like to use pure resin, preferring to mix it with other elements, as it is transparent and can turn yellow over time. His tip is to mix the resin with marble dust or fiberglass. In the latter case, the product is much lighter. The compound was explored by Mazé in his collection of African masks, which he dedicated to after studying the subject. The masks also received other elements: the Kuba, for example, is adorned with straw.

For the best maintenance of a work of art at home, Mazé recommends constant cleaning with a damp cloth. In the case of unpainted concrete, it is also interesting to use transparent wax to maintain its shine.

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