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Portal: The Ets and the Aztec Civilization

Atualizado: 6 de mar.

Mazé Andrade creates sculpture based on archaeological discovery Faced with an infinite universe, are we the only intelligent beings to inhabit a planet? Reason tells us no. The pulsating life that we find in our nature, and also in the stars, in the immensity of the cosmos, fascinates the artist Mazé Andrade. We know that the possibility of extraterrestrial life has already been studied, imagined and discussed in several societies. Researching more on this subject, the artist came across material, published a few years ago by archaeologists and ufologists, of sculptures belonging to the Aztec civilization that clearly allude to extraterrestrials. They are pieces made of gold and copper of spaceships and beings with elongated faces and large eyes. Several drawings made on the pieces also show humans descending from ships. The materials are interesting and even surprising. Inspired by these archaeological legacies, Mazé created a head sculpture similar to one of the discoveries, but adding her worldview on the subject. On ET's forehead, he drew the double helix shape of DNA, with the aim of establishing a connection, a heritage, between us and humans from other planets. At the base, where the neck and head rise, he made an eye. In the popular saying, the eyes are the mirror of the soul because they transmit the emotions that we store in our inner world. “I thought of the eye, more specifically the pupil, as a great portal, through which life from other dimensions, from an outside world, enters, but which, for me, has more connections with us than we have been able to prove to date”, explains the artist . Why would an ancient civilization, even though it was very advanced for its time, like the Aztecs, portray ships and ETs like those in science fiction films? “I also imagine the relationships we can have with these beings through new scientific discoveries and technological advances. I have no doubt that, in the not too distant future, we will see these portals”, he comments. Sculpture: The Portal Technique: clay modeling with resin casting, painting finish. Dimensions: 24.5 cm x 21 cm base and 36 cm high. Video music credit: Voyage / Musician: @Iksonmusic

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